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Driftking is an established Motorsport workshop that is well-known for our performance modifications to popular import and high performance vehicles. We specialise in turbocharged and supercharged performance engines, aftermarket ECU’s, EFI components, turbos, superchargers, fuel systems, brake upgrades, custom suspension packages, clutch upgrades, custom fabrication of exhaust systems and intercoolers, roadworthys,  modification plates and general servicing of all makes and models. We have a respected reputation in the automotive industry, we take the guess work out of vehicle modifications by building individual packages for each customer that will deliver the desired result for their vehicle. Whether it’s a RACE or STREET car your building, our experienced technical team works along side the fabrication team to design, build, test and tune the complete performance package.



Driftking Performance has over 15 years experience in forced induction, specialising in turbo charger and supercharger installations and upgrades for petrol and diesel engines. When upgrading turbo’s and supercharger’s or converting naturally aspirated engines it is important to match the correct charger to the application. We consider things like engine displacement, current and desired horsepower, race or street drive-ability, engine management systems and fuel requirements to recommend the best equipment for your build. Our technicians will also match quality components such as plenums, waste gates,  boost controllers manifolds and pulleys that will ensure reliable performance from you turbo or supercharger.



Driftking Performance have a reputation for building reliable engine packages that deliver high but usable horse power. We  have experience in engineering and building anything from high RPM turbo charged imports through to high displacement naturally aspirated V8’s. Every engine we build is uniquely deigned to suit each vehicle and driver. We start by building a strong bottom end with strengthened crank, rods and pistons. Next the focus moves to flowing the head, upgrading it’s components and installing a performance cam shaft. Then it’s off to the dyno to dial in the new motor with all its bolt on accessories, the finished result is a strong, reliable, high horse power engine that is guaranteed to perform both on the street as a daily driver or as race motor on the track.



Driftking Performance has over 30 years experience in the fabrication of custom exhaust systems. When designing custom exhaust systems it’s important to expel hot exhaust gases efficiently while maintaining the correct amount of back pressure so as to not compromise on performance. This design varies depending on the engine type and size. Exhaust systems are made up of many components such as manifolds, dump pipes, cat converters and mufflers, each component is matched up with custom pipe work to make a complete system that performs. Have your exhaust system checked regularly as it can have long term effects on your engine’s performance and lifespan. 



Heat can be the biggest enemy of performance engines, causing loss of power or even catastrophic failure. We have a range of aftermarket radiators and fan upgrades available to ensure your vehicle stays cool, especially when being driven for extended periods at high RPM. Turbo vehicles use hot exhaust gases to force air back through your engines intake, one of the most effective way of increasing performance on a turbo engine is to cool this air by installing an intercooler. We supply and fit custom air and water intercoolers and upgrade kits to suit your turbo engine.

Fuel Injector


All engines are tuned to an air fuel ratio that ensures the safe ignition of spark in your engines cylinder. When we increase your engines air volume, we have to match it with fuel mixture so nearly all performance upgrades require changes to your fuel system. Driftking Performance will calculate required fuel levels for all our builds and recommend upgrades of fuel pumps, fuel regulators, injector rails and injectors. For high horse power engines we engineer upgraded fuel systems with external fuel pumps and custom baffled fuel cells.



Engine management systems are considered the brains of all modern cars, and they control the functions of all the engines systems. Standard ECU’s are programmed to run your vehicle from factory, however many performance upgrades change the parameters of these systems which will require an upgraded ECU to ensure all the upgraded systems and performance components are functioning together and performing correctly. An aftermarket ECU also enables detailed tuning increments allowing us to maximise your engines horsepower safely. Some basic performance upgrades can be compensated for by uploading a flash tune or inserting an upgrade chip to your vehicles standard ECU. It is best to check with our expert tuners to make sure your vehicles engine is safe.

Blow Off Valve


Driftking Performance offers a range of off the shelf quality bolt on products from well know brands. We supply and fit accessories such as blow off valves, boost controllers, performance air filters, waste gates, coil packs and many more. It is always best to consult one of our technicians before trying to fit these items yourself as if fitted incorrectly may cause damage to your vehicles engine.



Clutches are considered a maintenance part on all vehicles, however when increasing the horsepower of your vehicle it is necessary to upgrade your clutch to handle the increase in power. Driftking Performance supply and fit high performance clutch kits that are rated to handle the power output of your vehicle. Speak to our technicians about clutch replacements or upgrades and the upgrade or replacement of your fly wheel. We also specialise in rebuilding automatic gear boxes.



Faster cars need better brakes to slow you down and avoid brake fade. We deal with all the leading brands in brake components, and we supply and fit all brake components from upgraded rotors and brake pads right through to full brake kits including 4 spot calipers and 2 piece rotors. Slotted and drilled brake rotors help with brake cooling. Our upgraded brake packages guarantee a braking system that will perform on both the street and the track.



To ensure all that horse power is safe to drive it is important your vehicle performs and handles on the road. Driftking Performance has over 30 years experience in suspension upgrades, and we design packages to suit street, race and off-road applications. Our product range includes lowered suspension, adjustable coil overs, raised suspension, dual shocks and custom air ride systems. We also set up and fit adjustable components such as control arms, radius arms, panhard rods and camber arms.



To get the most out of your performance vehicle it’s important to keep it maintained. Our technicians are experienced in servicing and maintaining high performance engines, and we use only the best quality lubricants and filters. High performance engines should also have regular dyno tuning to ensure all the components are dialled in and air fuel levels are functioning correctly. Our expert tuner is experienced in all aftermarket engine management systems.



If your buying a car, selling a car or modifying your vehicle it is important to ensure it is safe and legal. Driftking Performance is qualified to perform on the spot roadworthy certificates and provide modification plates or compliance plates with engineer certificates.


We will be closed ANZAC DAY, Monday 25/04/2022 to respect our soldiers. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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