Driftking Performance


Driftking understands how important the right exhaust system is to both the performance and sound of your vehicle. When it comes to designing custom exhaust systems, bigger isn’t always better. Our experienced fabricators will design a tuned system to redirect exhaust airflow that will increase your engines power and sound great. Each component should be matched to expel air while maintaining the correct amount of back pressure. We specialise in custom mandrel, stainless steel, straight through cats and mufflers, custom extractors, manifolds and all other performance exhaust parts. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.



Choosing the right muffler for your car is important when it comes to getting a great sounding exhaust without compromising on performance. Mufflers are designed to dissipate the loud noises your engine makes, but the wrong muffler or faulty muffler can result in poor performance and a terrible sounding car. We supply and fit a large range of quality performance mufflers, so speak to our technicians about matching the right muffler to your vehicle.



Like mufflers, cat converters play a significant role in the performance of your exhaust system and should be checked regularly. All modern engines are fitted with cat converters which are designed to reduce toxic gases from our cars exhaust, but standard cat converters to be restrictive in flow. Fitting a performance or straight through cat converter can significantly increase the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Blocked or damaged cat converters can cause significant damage to your engine, so have regular inspections or let us upgrade your cat system to a product suited to your performance engine.



When it comes to turbo engines heat and back pressure can kill performance. Our technicians specialise in fabricating custom pump pipes for high horse power turbos that run external waste gates.