Driftking Performance


Forced induction is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of increasing your engines horsepower, and it is important to match the right performance package to your engine. Turbo chargers and superchargers pressurise the engines intake system forcing more air in through the intake cycle thus increasing performance. When choosing a turbo or supercharger it is important to consider the vehicles engine capacity, the desired horsepower range, the vehicles application and it’s drive-ability. Things like size, housing, bearing options all need to be matched with the engine, fuel system and ecu to ensure reliable performance. We have over 15 years experience in building forced induction race and street engines and we only fit quality parts. Speak to one of our engineers today about the various options available to you and what package will provide the best bang for your buck.



Turbo chargers & superchargers are designed to force more air through your engines intake, but the cooler we can make that air the more power your engine will make. Driftking Performance specialise in the supply and fitment of custom top mount, front mount and water to air intercoolers. The size, core thickness and pipe distance all need to be considered we matching the right intercooler to your vehicle. We also fabricate custom pipework to ensure your new intercooler will perform right and look great. 



Plenums take the cooled or boost air form your turbo or supercharger and distribute it back into the engine. Having the right plenum for your performance engine is essential. The plenums capacity, flow and position all significantly effect its efficiency. We supply and fit aftermarket plenums or custom fabricate performance plenums designed to maximise your cars horsepower.



Getting rid of the hot air is just as important as pushing cold air in. Having the correct manifold for you engine will not only increase exhaust efficiency but it allows us to match the right turbo and waste gates to your engine. We have a range of quality aftermarket manifolds available, alternatively our fabricators custom build tuned manifolds specifically to suit your performance engine.



Most factory turbo’s come with internal waste gate systems as opposed to larger performance turbos  that run a larger external mounted waste gate. The waste gate is used to regulate and control the boost pressure that is sent back to the intake plenum, so more boost requires a larger waste gate. Setting and controlling these waste gate pressures and integrating them into your exhaust system is a requirement to getting your car running right. We have a range of quality waste gates available in various sizes and spring rates.

Blow Off Valve


Blow off valves are a popular bolt on accessory that are often used to enhance a vehicles aesthetics and sound, however they do serve a function when it comes to performance. A blow off valve is designed to dump any excess boost pressure from the intake plenum once the throttle is closed. We supply and fit a range of atmospheric and plumb back blow off valves, so speak to us about matching the right valve to your engine.



Boost controllers are used to control the amount of pressure that gets forced back through the intake system, this is done by regulating the wastegate. We use electronic or vacuum style boost controllers to control the wastegate settings. It is important to have your boost controller tuned and set by a professional as over boost can cause permanent damage to your vehicles engine.