Driftking Performance

ENGINE BOTTOM END (pistons, rods, cranks, oil pumps)

When building a race ready performance engine with serious horsepower you need to start with a strong bottom end. Driftking performance specialises in engineering and building reliable high horse power engines. By modifying bore size, sleeving and adding forged pistons we can lighten the weight per stroke and get the rings in the right position to increase the engine displacement while strengthening the components. Adding aftermarket rods and bolts strengthen the link between each piston and the crank. The crank should then be matched to the stroke. By increasing the displacement we are able to add torque and horsepower, it also enhances boost responsiveness on turbo charged engines. 

Cylinder Head

ENGINE TOP END (cam shafts, valves, lifters)

Once the bottom end is strengthened we start adding some serious horsepower through the cylinder heads. By porting your cylinder head and upgrading valves, stems and springs we can create some big power increases. Using bigger intake runners will create more top end power as opposed to shorter stems that add low end torque. These modifications need to be customised to each engine to avoid things like valve clearance issues. We have built a range of reliable, high horsepower aspirated, turbo and supercharged 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines, so speak to our technicians and have them design an engine package to suit your needs.



Engine management systems or commonly known as ECU’s interact with all the engines sensors to control the air/fuel ratio mixes. When building a performance engine it is important to modify the factory ECU by adding a plug in performance chip. Alternatively we recommend installing a fully programmable aftermarket ECU that will link all your engines performance components and sensor to ensure you get reliable and efficient horsepower from your engine.

Fuel Injector


When adding displacement or forced induction it is essential to upgrade your vehicles fuel system to ensure the ECU can match the new air/fuel ratio. Having a performance engine that runs lean on fuel can result in detonation, damaging your fresh built motor. Driftking performance specialises in designing fuel systems by matching injectors, fuel rails, fuel pumps, fuel regulators and surge tanks that ensures your engine runs reliable and safe.



After increasing the air/fuel mixture of your engine we need to now ignite it, and to do so it may require an upgraded ignition system to increase spark. Older engines with carburettors use distributors and coils to generate a spark, however most modern engines now use coil packs to generate ignition spark. We supply and fit a range of aftermarket ignition products that will guarantee a stronger spark for your performance engine.