Driftking Performance


When building a high performance engine it is important to have the right tuning to make sure all the bolt on parts are dialled in, as the increase in horsepower places additional stress on all the engine components. We match each performance accessory to your vehicle by tuning them individually to suit your engine. Not only will this ensure the engine build is reliable, but it guarantees we can get the most efficient power out of each component. To do this, Driftking uses dyno tuning. Dyno tuning allows us to map your aftermarket ECU or modify the factory ECU, making sure that your engine is powerful yet reliable. When dealing with high performance engine regular dyno tuning is recommended to keep your vehicle performing at its best.



To get the most out of your performance vehicle it’s important to keep up regular maintenance. When it comes to servicing modified vehicles it requires more than just a standard log book service. Our technicians are experienced in servicing and maintaining high performance engines, and we use only the best quality lubricants and filters. We are also experienced in fault finding, so if your performance vehicle is not driving to it’s optimum level contact us immediately to make a booking.



If your buying a car, selling a car or modifying your vehicle it is important to ensure it is safe and legal. Driftking Performance is qualified to perform on the spot roadworthy certificates. Our mechanics can address any issues immediately to guarantee your vehicle passes roadworthy requirements. To book a roadworthy simply advise our staff or click on the link below.



If your modifying your vehicle it is a requirement to ensure that the modifications are engineered to be safe and legal. Driftking performance not only engineers all our modifications as per Queensland Transport requirements but we issue modification plates where necessary. If you have existing modifications that may be questionable please don’t hesitate to contact us to have us inspect your vehicles modifications and have them engineer approved.