Driftking Performance


Clutches are considered a maintenance part on all vehicles, however when increasing the horsepower of your vehicle it is necessary to upgrade your clutch to handle the increase in power. Driftking Performance supply and fit high performance clutch kits that are rated to handle the power output of your vehicle. Speak to our technicians about clutch replacements or upgrades and the upgrade or replacement of your fly wheel. We also specialise in rebuilding automatic gear boxes.



Faster cars need better brakes to slow you down and avoid brake fade. We deal with all the leading brands in brake components, and we supply and fit all brake components from upgraded rotors and brake pads right through to full brake kits including 4 spot calipers and 2 piece rotors. Slotted and drilled brake rotors help with brake cooling. Our upgraded brake packages guarantee a braking system that will perform on both the street and the track.



To ensure all that horse power is safe to drive it is important your vehicle performs and handles on the road. Driftking Performance has over 30 years experience in suspension upgrades, and we design packages to suit street, race and off-road applications. Our product range includes lowered suspension, adjustable coil overs, raised suspension, dual shocks and custom air ride systems. We also set up and fit adjustable components such as control arms, radius arms, panhard rods and camber arms.



Driftking performance specialises in rebuilding gear boxes engineering race ready sequential boxes. Building a high horsepower engine is just the first part to building a fast car, the driveline then has to be upgraded to handle all that extra horsepower. Matching up the correct gearbox and diff ratios with strengthened cv’s and drive shafts will also impact on your vehicles overall performance. We will match up your driveline to suit your vehicles application, weather it be street, drag, race or drift.