Driftking caters to all builds and budgets when it comes to engine rebuilding. Whether it is a general machining or head recondition to a high performance balance and blue printed race motor, the boys have experience with all kind of engines. They offer different solutions for different aplications, race, hot street, mild, classic and even air flow testing and precision balancing. Call the boys to discuss a package that suites.

custom exhaust


Driftking has been fabricating custom exhausts for all performance aplications for over ten years. There workshop caters for mandrel bent aplications when flow is a necesity and also have press benders in house when flow isnt as important. There team is very compitent in all aplications of welding,from tig, mig and oxy welding to cater for all types of materials.

They specialise in custom turbo manifolds, custom extractors, mandrel bent single and dual exhausts, stainless mufflers and any custom aplication there customers may need. They also carry a large selection of exhaust components and gaskets in stock at there Geebung Store.

One of our performance auto products stocked in Queensland


Driftking has the latest tuning, servicing and diagnostic machinery to fullfill all your vehicle needs. From general servicing and tuning to ecu remaping and dyno tuning to all makes and models. They cater for tuning 4cy, 6cyl, 8cyl vehicles from standard engine, carby, efi, to forced induction, nitrous and high end methanol drag cars, there is nothing the team at driftking cant get great results from.

custom intercooler kit, r32 skyline


Driftking offers many different options when it comes to cooling, whether it intake or water temperater.

From standard replacement radiators and intercoolers to custom made aluminuiim intercoolers and radiators. They offer air to air and water to air intercooler depending on aplication. They distribute some of the leading names in cooling from Plazmaman, PWR and Koyo. Not only do they supply off the shelve kits, they also offer custom one off solutions which are made by there in house fabrication team.